While there is currently no cure for children living with CLN5, there are a number of specialists with expertise who can help families affected by CLN5 manage their disease and its symptoms.

Children living with CLN5 benefit from having a team of healthcare professionals and assistive devices to help manage the progressive impact of their disease. The daily needs of an individual with CLN5 can be supported by some or all the following healthcare providers. These needs may evolve as the child moves into adulthood or as the disease progresses.

Click on each circle below for more information about the role each healthcare provider may play to support the daily needs of an individual living with CLN5:

Living Batten | CLN5 and CLN7 Management Strategies

In addition to the care team that can help to manage the various symptoms associated with CLN5 disease, people caring for a child with CLN5 disease may also find support through social and educational plans. These plans support the family as symptoms progress.

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