Obtaining a definitive genetic diagnosis is an important first step in seeking appropriate care and treatment, learning about potential research or therapies that may become available, and preparing for the future. Patients and their families should consider discussing the implications of obtaining a diagnosis of CLN5 with their physician and a genetic counselor or other specialists who are familiar with the disease management of CLN5.

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If you believe your child is showing signs or symptoms of CLN5, tests are available for a physician or other healthcare professional to order to confirm a diagnosis.

Many academic and commercial laboratories offer genetic blood testing. Testing for CLN5 may not be included in standard testing panels; however, upon request, a diagnostic genetic test including an expanded exome sequencing panel for CLN5 can confirm a diagnosis. Your physician can help you navigate the process or refer you to a geneticist.


Patient organizations also provide helpful information and resources for genetic testing. For additional information on genetic testing and to find possible sources for testing, you can refer to these Batten disease advocacy organizations.

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A Clinician's Perspective on Diagnosis:

“CLN5 and CLN7 are two very rare forms of
Batten disease, both marked by regression of motor and language skills, as well as seizures, during childhood years. While signs and symptoms for both are similar to other types of Batten disease, these subtypes are not currently tested within a standard panel. If your child is experiencing motor and language regression, consider speaking to your healthcare provider about an expanded exome sequencing panel. With a positive diagnosis, children may be eligible to participate in research that could help the community better understand Batten disease.”

Living Batten | Elizabeth Kerry Kravis

Elizabeth Berry-Kravis, M.D., Ph.D.,
Pediatric Neurologist and Professor
Rush University Medical Center